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Set up the most powerful deck and build an unbeatable strategy around it to vanquish your opponents and rise to the top in this new online card game from Blizzard Entertainment.
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Hearthstone Description

Set up the most powerful deck and build an unbeatable strategy around it to vanquish your opponents and rise to the top in this new online card game from Blizzard Entertainment.


Hearthstone is Blizzard's first foray into the completely free to play market, but the characters, spells and setting will be familiar to any fan of this major developer. The card game allows you to choose from 9 different classes, all of which are representations of character classes which can be found in their ever popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. Keeping in line with these class options, many of the spells you will find in your deck are directly matched to similar spells in WoW, often with a modified version of the spells animation that is better suited to the tabletop format of this card game.

This tabletop design is the first thing you will notice when playing Hearthstone. The game avoids the third person perspective, action oriented gameplay of other Blizzard classics, instead setting you up with cards and rules that will remind many of other popular card games such as Magic: The Gathering. Though there are far fewer cards in this online game than in Magic, there are still 300 total cards to choose from thus far. You won't have access to all of the cards at the beginning, but through some hard work or even micro transactions you can slowly build up your stockpile of cards and therefore be able to assemble more complex and unique decks.

To further customize your own place in the card game and make your decks stand out from the rest, there is a card crafting system, which will allow you to create cards that are all your own. Not all of the cards are equally powerful or hard to come across though, there is a sliding scale of rarity for all cards, which many will again recognize from other Blizzard games. The degree of rarity ranges from common to legendary, which can be determined by a simple color coding system, whereby each level of rarity coincides with a distinct color; green for uncommon cards, purple for epic cards etc.

What sets Hearthstone even further apart from other games by this behemoth of a developer are the seemingly small scale of the project and the future plans for the game. Not only is the game a very light on your hardware, but it will also be available for iPad and perhaps other mobile devices in the future.

by Jonathan Smith

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